Consider The Advantages Of Plastic Decking – Beautify Your Home

Plastic decking is a composite material for the decking of which plastic is the major component used. Another important and an environmentally friendly component of this type of deck are reclaimed wood.  You will also find that there are many kinds of plastics (apparently) used in creating the surface, and will change depending on which manufacturer you decide to purchase the product from. Some of the manufacturers may use recycled plastic, while others use virgin plastic. Plastic decking will not only put to good use recycled materials, but is one of the longest lasting decking materials you can buy. Plastic decks also have significant advantages for some other types of decking materials.

decking-leading-to-poolThe different wood that is used in creating this kind of deck is going to be from a large variety of options. There may be old pine or spruce, or whatever is easily and inexpensively available.  The wood that is used is going to come from sawdust or fiber.  The plastic materials can come from an old soda can as well as the tops.  The deck manufacturers will use their plastic mixed with oak and polypropylene mix.  You may even find that the plastic is mixed with different types of wasted wood, and may not even be the same kind of wood for the entire project. You may have a mixture of 3 or 4 kinds of wood.  Cedar is a very popular wood for mixing with the recycled plastic.  This process is different from those decks that are made from vinyl, although some of the processes may appear to be identical.

For Safety And Low Maintenance, Plastic Is The Choice

Even though you will find a large assortment of additives in plastic decking, they are not dangerous like the ones you often find in pressure treated lumber. For this reason, making this decking material is relatively safe for use if you happen to have any little kids or dogs or cats. The additives are included under high pressure, and heat and the surface of the plastic decking material are then brushed with a coating to give it the natural color of the wood. Vinyl decking is comprised of 100% plastic, however, as mentioned above, you will find many wood particles on the surface of the deck boards. One thing to note is that if you have some wood on the floor boards, you will see some weathering of the boards over time. Like wood decks, the elements of Mother Nature are going to be harsh on your flooring, and the response from any wood is a slight variation in the color. The good news with weather of Vinyl is that it is minimal.

When you make use of plastic deck material for your patio, you will have very reduced upkeep with it. You do not have to tarnish or painting it, although you can if your desire. You will not ever before have trouble with rot or insect invasion since this material is resistant to both. The only issue that you may run into with utilizing plastic wood decking is that if you do not clean it on a regular basis, it is vulnerable to mold and mildew as well as mildew. If you do decide to repaint or discolor your plastic decking product you should use a premium oil-based paint or stain. Nonetheless, as soon as you begin doing this, you will need to proceed because the color of the decking plastic will discolor.

Although outdoor plastic decking can be somewhat more expensive compared to timber, you should look beyond the first investment. This outdoor decking material will certainly outlive you as well as your residence, which is something you can’t state for wood decking. The only cash you will have to invest is to buy the outdoor decking plastic and also the only time you will certainly need to spend on it is a normal cleaning. With outdoor plastic decking, you have more time to appreciate your excellent deck and also your household.

Often times plastic decks are confused with Trex decking, which is a very specific brand.  You can learn more about installing a Trex deck here. Otherwise, please be sure to contact The Decking Guide if you have questions or concerns about a new deck you may be installing in your home.